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Monday, June 9, 2008

Maybach Music

The Friends Of Distinction were a group that was founded during th 60s. Two of the members were members of the Hi-Fi's, Ray Charles' backing band. Although they never had an hit albums, they did enjoy a few top ten hits, such as "Grazing In The Grass", which reached #3 on the charts.

The Friends Of Distinction - And I love Him

Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z - Maybach Music


Stu said...

I just found your blog somehow but love it. The sample above is also used in the original version of "Hope" by Nas, which was turned into an acapella for the album since they couldn't clear the sample in time. If you'd like the version with the beat, let me know.

Check out my page, I usually just post stuff on there for my friends who don't listen to much rap and post stuff like on your page.

If you want, check out the song "Hospital Prelude to Love" by Willie Hutch. It's sampled in "Do It Myself" by Young Buck, which was a street single for Buck The World but never made the album. Keep up the good work!