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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Get Familiar With The Stylistics

The Stylistics are one of the more famous groups to come out of the whole Philadelphia soul era. On a side note, as a native Philly cat, it warms my heart to have my city have an entire sound (the Philly sound) attributed to us. Hell, it has its own entry in Wikipedia!

But I digress. The Stylistics first big hit was "You're a Big Girl Now", but it certainly wasn't their last. You know what, I'm just gonna drop some hits from then right now so you can see how we get down in Philly. You feel me?!

The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way

Jay-Z - Politics as Usual


The Stylistics - You Are Everything

Mary J. Blige - Everything


The Stylistics - You're A Big Girl Now

Ghostface Killah - Big Girl**

**It starts w/ that "Strung Out" sample (which you can find here! just search. . . . ), but let the song play. . . Ghost just uses the track with The Stylistics still singing on it. . . . But he makes the shit work!


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