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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy 100!

I was telling my boy B. Rad the other day, I never thought it would get this big. . . . I really just started this blog because I thought a FEW people in internet land were like me and would appreciate the soul. But then I get write ups on The Brilliance and other sites, and then other sites are linking to me, and the whole thing just mushrooms.

I definitely appreciate all the love, but I do this for you guys. I check the comments and I get the emails, and it makes me happy to know that you guys are out there keeping good music alive, just by being here!

Alright, no more sappy shit! I tried to google the answer to my own contest question, and it's really not out there like that. . . . I thought this was the easy one! But the answer to the question of who had the first number 1 of the new millenium and what the name of that album was is. . . . .

The first Billboard 200 of the new millenium was released on Jan 5, 2000, and this album was #1. A lot of people thought it was DMX ". . . And Then There Was X", which was a great choice. It was the LAST #1 of the millenium, though.

Since I'm in such a giving mood, I'm just giving away the album! But you have to do me a favor. Shoot me an email at thesoulsample@gmail.com, telling me what you like or even don't like about the blog. If you want to shoot me a request, that's fine, too. But just for your feedback, you'll get a free album.

Can't go wrong with that.