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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This How Playa's Rock

Seriously. There couldn't have been a more appropriate title to a song. Earth Wind and Fire is how playa's rock! And if you don't rock with EWF, then you ain't no playa, playa!

On some real shit. . . I was watching MTV Jams and this Hurrican Chris track came on. I had never heard the song, but the beat immediately grabbed me. Literally, I had to listen to the song because of the production! And I was surprised because Chris was really spittin (especially that 2nd verse . . . . wow). There are some artist who should NEVER be sampled because of how good they are, and I always felt EWF fell into that catagory. But Mr. Collipark did them justice, and I tip my hat to him.

Earth Wind and Fire - Love's Holiday

Hurricane Chris - Playa's Rock