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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Shiny Suit Era

Although we may look back and laugh, EVERYBODY loved the shiny suit era of 1996. It was a good time for music. Reasonable Doubt, The Score. . . . But nothing compared to the impact that Bad Boy had on music. Puff just had his hand on the pulse of the world, and gave them what they wanted before they knew they wanted it! Even though there was the whole East/West nonsense of that era, Puff still focused on making the hits. And this song (and sample) was the gem of that era. It REALLY put Bad Boy on the map. Although the goal of Resurgence of the Soul Sample is to give you songs you might not know where sampled, I figured this can be an exception because of the impact that it had on music.

Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out

Biggie feat. Puff, Ma$e - Mo Money Mo Problems